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Because our world needs help.

Below are several charity organizations close to my heart. I have been actively supporting these association by volunteer work and donation. There is an awful lot that needs to be done around the world, and most of the time, the natural reaction of people is: “Yes… it’s sad, but you know, there are so many places like that…” Well, yes, and that’s why it’s important to support them – and even more important: to start somewhere!

Giving Bread (Hong Kong, China)


Giving Bread was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, China by Celene P. Loo.

It was founded with the mission to bridge the gap between food wastage on one hand and hunger on the other. Everyday, massive amounts of food are discarded by restaurants, individual homes and hotels. Yet we are also seeing hunger in affluent cities like Hong Kong. Rising food prices and growing aging population further escalate problems of poverty.

Giving Bread feels compassion for the neglected and poor especially the elderly.

You can help by volunteering

  • bread collection
  • bread distribution
  • bread packaging

You can help by donating

  • bread or bread vouchers
  • plastic packages

You can help by simply…

  • sourcing bread donors for us (restaurants, hotels, bakeries, supermarkets)
  • spreading the message of giving love and care
  • not wasting food and being socially aware

Website and contact


Email :

Phone : (852) 6146 2828


Emmanuel House (Kudat, Malaysia)


Emmanuel House is setup for underprivileged children. Most of the students are from the Rungus ethnic from Kudat and Pitas. The district of Kudat is regarded as one of the poorest region in Malaysia. The only way they are going to get out of this circle of poverty is by getting a proper education. The students coming to Emmanuel house come from very poor background and Emmanuel House gives them a fair chance in life. Emmanuel homes are in need of a lot of support.

Once the studies accomplished, the grown up children return to Kudat to help and support the community.

How can I help?

  • You can help by volunteering as a teacher for a week, a month or a year…
  • Donations are welcome.


For anything related to Emmanuel House, please email Howard at


Fundancer (Bogota, Colombia)


Fundancer is an association that helps parents whose challenge consists in finding money to treat their children who have cancer in the Colombian capital, Bogota, sometimes very far from their home where the best cancer specialists work.

Diana and Jorge, founders of the FUNDANCER foundation whose daily challenge consists in helping those children and parents, offering them a place to stay during the treatment, accompanying them during their stay; unfortunately, on occasions, the final one, in Bogota. A lot of Colombian people simply wouldn’t be able to treat their ill child without Jorge and Diana’s help. FUNDANCER foundation helps them with all the things that doctors can’t do:

  • the journey to Bogota (Colombia is a very big country)
  • the accommodation for the family in a place near the hospital
  • the psychological counseling (Jorge has himself lost a child to cancer)
  • and simply all the LOVE that they can provide to those kids and their families

How can I help?

Please visit Fundancer website to find out about donations, volunteer programs and other ways to help!


Fu Hong Society (Hong Kong, China)


Persons with disabilities are individuals with all human rights, above all the right to be recognised and respected, the right to receive whatever help is necessary in order to progress at every level, human and spiritual, and we are committed to ensure that these rights are respected and honoured through our work with the community.

  • To provide for persons with disabilities, opportunities to develop all their abilities and to ensure that they achieve the greatest independence possible within their circumstances, as fully integrated members of the community;
  • To advocate for equal rights of persons with disabilities through education, policy and legislative changes.

How can I help?


Tel: 2745 0424
Fax: 2786 4097
Address: G/F., No 2A Po On Road, Cronin Garden, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Hong Chi Association (Hong Kong, China)


Hong Chi Association (formerly The Hong Kong Association for the Mentally Handicapped) was started as a class for just four children with intellectual disabilities in 1965.

In 1997, the Association was renamed the Hong Chi Association. “Hong” in Chinese means “to assist”, while “Chi” refers to “the intellect”. Our emphasis is on what people with intellectual disabilities can achieve. Our mission is to assist them in the development of their potential to the full.

Today, Hong Chi is a non-profit making organisation in Hong Kong dedicated to serving 7,000 people of all ages and all grades of intellectual disabilities and their families. We now operate 79 service units which provide pre-school training, special education, job training, sheltered and supported employment, adult education, day care and training, residential services, family and community support, recreational and social programmes, as well as professional therapy.

How can I help? 

Please visit Hong Chi website to find out about donations, volunteer programs and other ways to help!


Address: Pinehill Village, Chung Nga Road, Nam Hang, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2689 1105
Fax: (852) 2661 4620


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