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Born and raised in the Valais region of the Rhône Valley, South of Switzerland, Gregoire grew up in a food-oriented family, where the values of good food were of primary concern. Spending week-ends at the family vineyard, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and working at the garden or taking care of farm animals was how Gregoire spent his childhood. Baking was an almost every day ritual from his Mother Anny and shortly after trying to bake tarts and breads at home; it is at the age of 15 that Gregoire embarked in a pastry apprenticeship.

After some years in Switzerland, working for several small pastry and bakery boutiques, Gregoire wanted to see the world, notably the USA where he worked for the Broadmoor hotel and the Beau Rivage Hotel. Eager to discover more, he landed at the Regent Hotel in Hong Kong where he fell in love with the city and more importantly with his wife Vianna. Once the Regent was handed over to the Intercontinental Hotel, Gregoire remained with Four Seasons and moved to the Maldives to head the pastry team at Kuda Huraa, where he also earned his Rescue Diver certificate.

It was then time for Gregoire to go back to school to earn his hotel management diploma at the famed Lausanne Hotel School which he did successfully with the EHL spirit award. To complete the school experience, Gregoire spent the year following his graduation as an assistant Food and Beverage manager at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, learning the tricks of the trade from the other side of the pass. After a quick stint back home to help a friend in need, Gregoire found himself on the way to Hong Kong, yet again, to lead the Pastry team of the Four Seasons Hotel since the pre-opening period, and coincidentally, this is when his son Clement was born, in 2005.

With a team of 21 passionate bakers and pastry chefs, Gregoire has been able to develop the evolution of the hotel’s pastry and bakery products, notably the famed breads in three-Michelin starred Caprice, working closely with Chef Vincent Thierry. And last but not least, creator of occasional desserts and cakes in three-Michelin starred Lung King Heen. Michaud’s cakes have made the front page of international press more than once.

Today Gregoire has launched his own bakery – Bread Elements – in Hong Kong, putting all his heart in baking fine artisan bread!

With a heart bigger than life, Gregoire actively supports local charities such as Giving Bread, Fu Hong Society, Hong Chi Association as well as Malaysia’s Emmanuel Homes and Colombia’s Fundancer.

As if his story so far were not enough, and beside judging international competitions, Michaud has now written five recipe books since returning to Hong Kong including two winners of the prestigious World Gourmand Cookbook Award, and with a unique and insightful style, celebrates this very successful blog.

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