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That’s the name of the newly launched quality pastry magazine PASTRY REVOLUTION: made in Spain!





Pastry Revolution: A massive 180 pages all about pastry – nothing short of a must-have for any patissier out there (especially if you want to learn Spanish!).  For their July/August issue, I have created two desserts, the first one is a sable moon, covered with gentle avocado velvet, lime scents, fresh mango, mango sorbet and fresh baby red sorrel leaves. Delicate, subtle, the dessert comes together as very refreshing. With avocado and mango on board, the portion size needs no bigger space on the plate – a truly good ending of a meal!



The second dessert I have created is a frozen sheep yogurt in dark chocolate with toasted almonds, green apple beignet, poached green apple, demi-sel caramel and sandal wood chantilly!  That’s the same dessert I made for the Food Link Charity Event a few weeks ago!

Dessert time ;) !!

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  • monique says:

    Hello Gregoire,
    What a great dessert you’ve made for the Spanish journal Pastry. It looks fantastic. Would you like to give my the recipe from the sable? I want try to make it. My sable is too brittle for this creation.
    THANKS and wish you very good live.
    monique geense ( look my creations on wayn. com)

    • Hello Monique! :)
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      You can use this recipe for the dessert:

      190 g icing sugar
      300 g butter
      2 g salt
      30 g almond powder
      110 g whole egg
      500 g flour T45

      I hope it helps and all the best in your baking adventures! :)

  • Dahlia says:

    Hello Gregoire,

    I came across the amazing picture of the mango/avocado moon – it looks both beautiful and delicious! I was so excited to find the recipe for the sable and while the cookie came out delicious, I could not figure out how to get the same white “finish” as yours had. Would it be possible for you to explain how you accomplish that?

    Much appreciated,

    • greg says:

      Hello Dahlia! :)

      Thanks a lot for your kind words on the dessert. The white finish on the sable is actually done after the baking and the cooling. It’s done using a blend of white color cocoa butter and white chocolate sprayed (or brushed) onto the sable. The key of the visual here is to have the moon “canvas” to be white to support the contrast of color from the mango and the greens.

      I hope it helps and all the best in your baking adventures! :)

  • Madina says:

    Hi chef , I was just admiring this beautiful dessert and I noticed there is something under the sable what is it and if I could ask for the recipe I want to try to replicate this for my own use at home and for dinner parties please let me know I look forward to hearing from you

    • greg says:

      Bonjour Madina :)

      Below the sable is a vanilla pastry cream. You can use the following recipe:

      150 ml milk
      150 ml cream
      1 (or 2!) vanilla bean
      3 pc egg yolks
      45 gm white sugar
      15 gm pastry flour (T45)
      25 gm Cornstarch

      Boil the milk with the vanilla bean cut lengthwise. Mix the corn starch, flour and egg yolks in a separate bowl.
      Add a little hot milk to the egg yolks mixture, then pour it all in the hot milk, cook it to 82C (until it thickens nice and smooth)
      Strain it and allow cooling and voila!

      Hope it helps :)

  • Hi chef where can I find the full recipe for the mango textures dish it is truly stunning

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