Social Media Week Hong Kong – What’s cooking in the F&B industry?

February 13th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Last night was the social media week  day for the Food and Beverage industry.

Cooking show host Hilda ready to share her views on social media

Spending the evening with people you’ve been chatting away countless times through social media without actually having met them before is one of these moments where you talk to someone face to face for 2 minutes and you feel like you’ve known each others for years. Amazing!

The evening was a great time to meet people and to discuss our views on social media. I think I could have talked for hours about social media after that; the talks really made my mind boggle.

Like I mentioned on one of my earlier tweet, I thing social media and bloggers just made Earth a smaller place, connecting people. 

We are much more connected with customers, friends, like-minded people and you can’t just hide away behind the doors of your kitchen, shouting no one understands cooking! I received my first computer in 1989 from the brand Commodore, back then we had a dinosaur modem and could barely transfer files to friends computer, it was so cool! Then in 1996, I remember using ICQ… my Mom thought it was a tool from hell with the few stories popping in the media about people being killed by insane ICQ users. Today,  throughout the different social media platforms and my blog, I am connected to thousands of people. How different!

The pannel of speakers

In regards to the F&B industry and as a chef, I obviously don’t go out often and wouldn’t like to review my colleague’s work. On the other hand, and after having published 4 books, I felt the urge to share more and being open. If you look around, there are not too many chefs doing it at the moment. But I hope more will join. There is an old state of mind amongst chef where we don’t like to share our secret recipes and I think it’s very hard for a chef to pop out of this mind.

Once you publish books, you don’t really have a choice. You must reveal your secrets! :)


Being involved on social media brings me three main segments of activity:

  • Connecting and reacting to customer’s feedback, requests or dream…
  • Following the trends and what’s happening in our industry
  • Connecting and exchanging ideas with like-minded people around the world

As a chef I also feel we have an important role to play in supporting locally produced foods. As we use these ingredients in our baking and cooking, I find it very important to share how great the produces are throughout the different social media channels.

The speakers on twitter

For your reference, here are the list of the speakers and the link to their blog:

Brad Lau (Renowned Singapore Food Blogger, also known as ladyironchef, he won the Best Food Blog in the Nuffnung Asia-Pasific Blog Awards 2011)

Victoria Cheng (Editor, Restaurant consultant and blogger)

Chef  Gregoire Michaud (hello!) (Head Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Hong Kong)

Gourmet KC (Food Blogger, most prolific blogger on Openrice, columnist at Time Out Hong Kong and Weekend Weekly)

Chan Chun Wai (Columnist at Oriental Daily and Ming Pao Daily)

Hilda Leung (TV Celebrity Chef)

Karen Tam (Assistant General Manager – Promotions and Marketing, Harbour City)

Moderator:  Geoffrey Wu (Director of Communications of IHM Group)

Event hosts: Harbour City & Integrated Hospitality Management

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