La Boulangerie book press launch event!

August 30th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Books | Daily life...

It's this way!

Welcome! …ok… it looks cool and everything, but it’s nothing like JK Rowling’s book launch, you know…

But hey, you know what? I bet she didn’t have the kind of breads we had at the book launch. (although, in all good spirit, I don’t think she cares! lol )

For La Boulangerie press event, we prepared a small selection of breads from the book as well as a few jams and spreads. The crowd of press present at the event were mainly food writers and trust me, some of them went the extra mile! They asked very professional/technical questions and some of them were very serious home bakers too. I had a real great time answering the questions.

We did a lucky draw for a basket of breads, jams and tapenade. And while we gave away a gift, I received another gift from the media! They enjoyed ALL the breads we prepared – at the end of the event there was literally nothing left on the small buffet; for me it was the most meaningful gift I could get!

Thank you so much everyone!!

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