Almost famous: Meet our apricot and pecan sourdough

August 4th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Some breads just gain natural recognition amongst diners. Maybe it’s the crust, maybe the fruity and nuty mix with the earthy rye or simply maybe it’s a mix of everything… Overtime, it becomes the word on the street, until it reaches the status of being almost famous; this is the story of our apricot pecan sourdough…

 Quite a few years back, we developed that superbly balanced rye, apricot and pecan sourdough to be served with our cheese selection. The nuts went from pecan to walnut, passing by almond, to finally come back to pecan. The dough is using the same sourdough as our other breads, but blended with rye flour…


 We use about 80% hydration level over an 18 hours fridge bulk fermentation and honestly, that bread is a killer with any cheese!



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