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Pastry aficionados: Here comes a news worth talking about!


Very creative and nice packaging for cakes take-away – I love it!

At the corner of podium level 2 from the famed IFC mall in Central, Hong Kong, Amanda Strang, otherwise known as Amanda S, just realized her dream: Opening a beautiful little patisserie and it is named Petite Amanda.

Amanda trained with us for a few month before going for training at other places in Paris and finishing her pastry degree at Le Cordon Bleu, but in all fairness, if Petite Amanda is now open and looks so good, all due credits goes to her hard work, her passion and her perseverance.

The very bright shop has a lovely feel with a mix of sharp colors, metal and white marble. Whilst the shop design was done by Faux (HK), the excellent branding of the shop is the clever work of Hong Kong based Julie and Jesse from Latitude Design Studio.

It offers a choice of fine patisserie, breads and bakeries that she has nothing to be blushing about – quality is consistent and whilst the offering might be limited at the moment, the shop is only a few days old. I can’t wait to see it in full action!

Lucky me, I was able to sample the chocolate tart and the apricot dome which were both succulent. It’s 100% homemade and in the purest French tradition. Flavors were distinct, sweetness was perfect and everything was visually attractive and clean. A few of the desserts were sprayed in pastel color tone which matched the color style of the shop. I thought it was well thought as it gives a clear identity to the shop.


Finally, we have another place in Hong Kong where we can buy good bread!

It’s called Petite Amanda! The baguette, pain au levain and apricot walnut bread I tried were all very good. Amanda uses French flour only, and thus, as expected, it tasted very much like in France! I didn’t try the croissant and pain au chocolat, but they looked good too – that would be for my next visit!

More than pastries and desserts, coffee and tea: I tried a coffee which happens to be fair-trade and organic – roasted in San Francisco by Graffeo. Delicious. It was funny being at Amanda’s shop sipping that superb espresso and glancing at the nearby Starbucks with people drinking pints of tasteless different coffee!

The milk chocolate and hazelnut cake is the signature pastry from Petite Amanda.

I am glad it’s not just another “sponge cake and cream” cake shop, pulling out gimmicks instead of cakes. Petite Amanda joins the rank of other artisan patisseries in Hong Kong like Thomas Trillion, Tony Wong Patisserie or Gioia by Chi – all of them lifting up the standards and image of Hong Kong pastry world.

Bakeries presented under a stunning good-looking cloche made by no-one else than the glass artisan who made the glass cloche for La Patisserie des Reves in Paris.

Real homemade tart shells, creme patissiere and the best seasonal fruits. Lots of very good packaging, for instance the above is for the cookies.

Visit Petite Amanda for a patisserie and a coffee, it truly worth the detour!

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