Croissant Premiere!

September 11th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Our croissants have been acclaimed more than once. Credit has to be given to the flour, the butter and the sourdough (yes… sourdough! :) ) but more importantly to our team of bakers producing them day after day with the same consistency and love.

Here is a one minute movie I shot with my Nikon D90, which does not have autofocus on movie mode, so you get that little ongoing “blair witch project” feel along the way. I dubbed the movie with the tune “Trickle” (which I like very much) from Morgan Van Dam, more famously known for being featured in the Samsung commercials :) It was definitely better than the original sound where voice where saying “Can do? … are you filming yet?… ” :)

The movie is a quick introduction on the making of our croissants. The format of that version is to fit my blog. The original is in full screen HD and my host would have thrown me out for uploading such an enormous file!!

Click here to watch to movie “croissant”!

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