Usually, I am not the greatest fan of macerated fruits/jam/brandy sort of recipes, but we gave some thoughts to that one; made with fresh poached pears has a nice fruity side to it that fits every festive occasion. Happy days! :) I shared the recipe in a video for Tatler’s Epicurean Express here, take a … Read more

With Autumn pouring its orchard fruits on us, inspiration is knocking on the door every day! Joshua and Caleb from Twins Kitchen visited us for an informal chat and a little work around rye sourdough and the above dessert. I loved the way the Twins approached the filming and the way we chatted along the … Read more

You might have tried this recipe for scones, but they didn’t look like the photo? Check out The Wall Street Journal feature where I share all our little secrets for making great scones with journalist Amy Ma – it might take a little longer than you’ve expected! It will be featured on the US and … Read more

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