The spiciness and sour cherry-like flavor of the Ghana 68% chocolate Nyangbo blends beautifully with our new malted caramel ice cream… With these mellow flavors, I thought Meyer Lemon would be a pretty nice fit – as a curd and freshly grated! And because I can ( LOL ) I dropped a nice spoon of … Read more

Me: ” I think it’s important to raise the awareness of locally grown, sustainable and organic food. And I’d like to emphasize on the words local and sustainable because flying organic food from 9580 km by plane isn’t really sustainable! ” Him: ” Look outside… you see the sky? It’s not blue… do you think … Read more

The odd life of carrots

May 17th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (4 Comments)

With a longer-than-usual winter and without much sun before the rain started pouring on a daily basis, local farming got literally clamped down on fruits and vegetables supply that we would usually get at this time of the year. This is especially true for all the farmers relying on natural and organic ways of growing … Read more

Farmers; real artisan of taste

April 27th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (2 Comments)

We can’t avoid it; we can’t deny it, Hong Kong, absolute food Mecca, supplies itself mostly on imported foods. The amount of provision needed to feed the 7 million hungry stomachs living in Hong Kong, plus its 36 million visitors per year is just insane! In 2010, Hong Kong imported 1.75 billion fresh chicken eggs! … Read more

Going back home was time to grasp a bit of everything I miss while living away. It was also time for my son to get impregnated by those moments of life. Moments where you only need to be your very good own self… To me, the values we respect and carry on to our children … Read more

To be or not to be organic?

August 17th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (0 Comments)

My new article on WOM guide is live. This time, I thought interesting to address the meaning of organic in today’s commercial world. Too often taken as an easy selling point, the mark of trust that is the organic label if often misused and the end-consumer (us) can’t do anything about it. Read the full … Read more

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