Spectacular hand crafted flowers on a wedding cake, made by our talented team! The cake itself was a nicely tart lemon chiffon cake covered with a thin layer of icing… The flowers have been hand modeled one by one by Coe and Siu Hung and took an AWFUL lot of time to make! But the … Read more

Reading about the virtues of ingredients often keeps me in absolute awe when finding out what Mother Nature has created for us, and yet, most of the time we barely know about it. Ginger is the cure of many illness, yet, it is prominent in arthritis treatment and most of all motion sickness and nausea. … Read more

With fresh roselle available on the local market shelves, I was poised to create. Yet, as I dug into countless websites, books and other magazines, I couldn’t find much recipes beside ice tea. Fresh roselle and raspberries The last time we had roselle was in its dried form and it had a nice and balanced … Read more

Mumbai: Incredible Sweets!

June 26th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Travel - (4 Comments)

Fact: Working in pastry in a different country will bring you face-to-face with the local sweets – and I love it! After tasting different kebabs, breads and sauces I was full… but being in India for the first time, I thought there was no such thing as being full! So it was time to dig … Read more

Following the marron glace experience, Ringo threw in another question on how is rock sugar made… I wasn’t too sure anymore but I did remember being a kid and making those on wooden sticks. So, just to make sure we knew what we were talking about, we did some pink color rock sugar on bamboo … Read more

“Never Skip Dessert” Errata

November 25th, 2009 | Posted by greg in Books - (7 Comments)

On page 128 of ‘Never skip dessert’, a printing mistake has unfortunately occured in the list of ingredients for the macaroon. The white sugar should be 54 grams and not 540 grams. Sorry :)

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