Well, if it was so, I would love to have a taste of the rain it pours!  That oozing looking dessert is an absolute delight for the upcoming warm weather and it is healthy too! The Glycemic Index is kept as low as possible by using mango, passion fruit, egg white and fructose as main … Read more

Hong Kong is often referred to as a “foodie paradise” and beside the hundreds of different cuisine available, there is a true gem of local and regional cuisine to discover. Often, visitors are missing these places as they are mostly known by people living in Hong Kong. Most hotels would refer guests on the hunt … Read more

When words aren’t enough…

January 17th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Charity | Daily life... - (11 Comments)

Today, I learned something I didn’t know about Hong Kong: This city is doing a damn good job at hiding from public views the lost souls and tears wandering cage homes and street shelters… How can this city host some of the most expensive flats in the world and yet, hide these away – and … Read more

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