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That’s the name of the newly launched quality pastry magazine PASTRY REVOLUTION: made in Spain! Pastry Revolution: A massive 180 pages all about pastry – nothing short of a must-have for any patissier out there (especially if you want to learn Spanish!).  For their July/August issue, I have created two desserts, the first one is … Read more

Chef Jonay Armas from The Principal, Chef Matthew Bishop from 22 Ships, representing Chef Jason Atherton, Chef Herve Fucho and myself from Four Seasons came together to cook dinner for the Room to Read Charity.  As Room to Read states it so well on their website “World change starts with educating children”. When you read the facts … Read more

Happy New Year everyone!  By the way, it seems that everyone is being fairly lazy for the last post of the year putting up the “best of 2011” on their blog. So I thought why not… but instead of doing a boring top 10 of deja-vu‘s, I thought I would rather feature the single most … Read more

Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist. There was no ‘sorry’, no excuse. The people who blandly used my photo on their blog just removed the post following people’s comments. So it seems that you can copy anything, use it and if you get caught, you delete it and get away with … Read more

At home, we have a few random plants of oats, wheat and rye growing around the house… it’s pretty, but more  than that, it reminds my family of the old days when they used to have entire fields of wheat and rye. Back then, it wasn’t made to be pretty but rather to make a … Read more

A massive thank you to all the participants! I wish there would have been a few more photos for the competition, but never mind, we’ve got some great quality shots! The goal of this photo contest was to motivate the fund raising for Emmanuel Homes, which happened to be very successful. The goal was reached … Read more

L’Atelier du Gout photos!

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Selena is the engine of  l’Atelier du Gout. She prepared everything and more for the class we held last Saturday. And yesterday I’ve got a suprise on my desk from Selena, a CD full of great shots from the class. Here are a few handpicked ones that I really like! Thank you Selena! :)

Check out http://www.womguide.com/meet-the-contributors/whats-for-dessert Join me and read my regular column about the pastry world!! Thank you and enjoy! 

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