On the long flight back to Hong Kong from my native Valais, my son Clement watched countless movies and cartoon on his screen. As I was seating next to him, I couldn’t help to notice that friendly big orange furry peanut on his screen… he was watching Dr. Seuss’s Lorax. In itself, it was 86 … Read more

Respect your roots – Eat Local!

July 21st, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (2 Comments)

A while ago I had the chance to participate to the great WOM Guide Panel series as a member of the discussion panel. The topic was to debate whether Hong Kong was yet an international food destination in itself or not. My point of view was clear; Hong Kong needs to have more local specialties … Read more

Farmers; real artisan of taste

April 27th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (2 Comments)

We can’t avoid it; we can’t deny it, Hong Kong, absolute food Mecca, supplies itself mostly on imported foods. The amount of provision needed to feed the 7 million hungry stomachs living in Hong Kong, plus its 36 million visitors per year is just insane! In 2010, Hong Kong imported 1.75 billion fresh chicken eggs! … Read more

It’s right next to the 10’000 Budah’s Temple in Shatin that resides one of Hong Kong best honey maker: Mr. Yip from Wing Wo Bee Farm. Before I even start to describe the honey, I believe important to bust one myth that is usually people’s first reaction when you talk about honey produced in a … Read more

While Europe breaks all the sub-zero temperature records in history, we’re harvesting organic strawberries on this side of Earth! We’ve just started getting a great and steady supply of homegrown organic strawberries from Zen Farm. Delicious, beautiful and local to the point where I had to create seasonal desserts with it! Generally speaking, strawberries are … Read more

It took me just about 2 hours to reach Zen Organic Farm in Fan Ling on that Tuesday morning. Ping picked us up at the Sheung Shui train station and drove us to the farm which was about 15 minutes away. When we arrived I felt like home. Joey, Ping and their Mother gave us … Read more

It’s not sweet food, but pretty sweet stuff if you see what I mean! It’s so exciting to live in a city like Hong Kong and actually be able to grow your own vegetable and herbs in your living room to cook dinner. The “cherry on the cake” was also Mandy’s (From Mandy’s Private Kitchen) … Read more

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