LAYERS launch at Towngas!

January 14th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Books | Classes & Demo | Daily life... - (0 Comments)

On January 27th, we will be launching my latest book LAYERS at Towngas Cooking Center! During the 1.5 hours demonstration organized by my publisher Wan Li Book, I will show and explain 2 recipes from the book; the mango pecan mille-feuille and Vianna’s Egg Benedict! There is space for 70 people (they can accommodate so … Read more

It took me just about 2 hours to reach Zen Organic Farm in Fan Ling on that Tuesday morning. Ping picked us up at the Sheung Shui train station and drove us to the farm which was about 15 minutes away. When we arrived I felt like home. Joey, Ping and their Mother gave us … Read more

Hong Kong’s very own organic figs from Zen Farm are back! Whilst their skin is indeed green, like, well yes, green figs, there is certain crop which is called white. There are more than 700 kinds of figs around the planet and the main ones are green, purple or black. White figs happen to be … Read more

It has been a while since I wanted to feature Suz on this blog. I have been working with Suzanna Chu for years and it’s only recently that I discovered her motivation for very noble causes – and on top of that, Suz has an incredible eye for food styling + it taste fresh, clean … Read more

Earlier this month, I wrote this post when I was just coming back from the 7th Best Buddies Hong Kong cooking competition. I had to write the post while my emotions were still together and was waiting for photos to share, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get any, so I used what I found on the … Read more

When words aren’t enough…

January 17th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Charity | Daily life... - (11 Comments)

Today, I learned something I didn’t know about Hong Kong: This city is doing a damn good job at hiding from public views the lost souls and tears wandering cage homes and street shelters… How can this city host some of the most expensive flats in the world and yet, hide these away – and … Read more

Korea weather report: – 12°C….  so, how do they do it? Despite everything, they are here! With their sweetness, flavor and texture, Korean strawberries beats any day their counter part imported from anywhere in the world at this time of the year. Of course, I am talking large scale and decent price. During the summer … Read more

Only in Taiwan!

August 28th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Travel - (0 Comments)

This was my first time in Taiwan. And it was a great trip! Of course, as we mainly stayed in the city, we had to do the “been there, done that” of Taipei. But I’ll skip the tourist part and come straight to food matter, apart from the rental bicycle and a few other matters.  … Read more

Tom Yam frenzy at

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Leela, from asked me to come up with a dessert that would incorporate the three main herbs used in Tom Yam, namely lemongrass, kaffir lime and galangal. It was a great coincidence as we just held a spa lunch at our swimming pool a few days before Leela’s email and we actually used this … Read more

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