A lot more than just a slice!

September 25th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (0 Comments)

Staring at a beautiful bread loaf straight in the eye is of course very inspiring and it has certainly brought you from the simple breakfast toast or the tentatively French looking Jambon Beurre sandwich to the more complex garlic parsley butter croutons, delicious coconut milk French toast and, of course, to the highly secretive ritual … Read more

ESF Master Chef Grand Final

June 20th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (0 Comments)

Nearly 400 students coming from different schools within the ESF network joined the Master Chef competition!  And only 8 made it to the final where my old colleagues, friends and myself were invited to be judges. It’s with with Vincent and Herve from Four Seasons and Jeremy from Mirror that we had the difficult task … Read more

Last month, my trip to New York was for the launch of the new TASTE by Four Seasons, and although hurricane Sandy tried to stop it, it is now up and running. You can visit it and request ingredients and vote for your favorite dishes! At the original planned date of the event, apples were … Read more

We’re working hard!

October 13th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life... - (5 Comments)

If you’re wondering where are all the photos and missing trimmings from my blog, read on… A few days ago, my blog was brought down by some malicious people for no reason. Luckily, I had backup of my posts, but unfortunately, the photos were lost in the ‘cleaning’ process. And now, I am working hard … Read more

Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist. There was no ‘sorry’, no excuse. The people who blandly used my photo on their blog just removed the post following people’s comments. So it seems that you can copy anything, use it and if you get caught, you delete it and get away with … Read more

July 12, 2010 – Exactly one year ago, gregoiremichaud.com came to life! And what a first year it has been! With no previous blog experience, it has been quite an adventure. Writing, sharing thoughts, experiences, raising awareness on social issues, sharing recipes and photos are all activities that, like baking, require an apprenticeship. And I am … Read more

Tom Yam frenzy at shesimmers.com

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Leela, from shesimmers.com asked me to come up with a dessert that would incorporate the three main herbs used in Tom Yam, namely lemongrass, kaffir lime and galangal. It was a great coincidence as we just held a spa lunch at our swimming pool a few days before Leela’s email and we actually used this … Read more

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