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  • TonyI

    Any chance of this being available in ther UK?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hello Tony! For the moment, it is only available to order on this website and on; and of course in book store in Hong Kong and a few other countries in Asia. Thanks! :)

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  • Pingback: The wonderful world of plagiarism and copyright infringment - Gregoire Michaud

  • Vivian

    Hi chef, 
    I love your book Never Skip Dessert! The recipes and illustrations are very inspiring indeed. I have recently tried your macaroon recipe, but I found the product is way too sweet (without any fillings) and also having a problem of a cracking crust on the side of the macaroons. The baking temperature and time suggested in the recipe is 180c for 15 minutes, but my macaroons starts cracking and having a brown burnt colour in the bottom after 8 minutes of baking. 
    are the macaroons supposed to be that sweet? Is there any way to prevent this cracking situation from happening? I am looking forward to your advice.
    Thank you.

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hi Vivian, thank you so much for your kind comment regarding the book.

      When the book was printed, there has been a 0 added to the recipe of macaron. If you have a look here:

      I tried as much as I could to let everyone know about the printing error. Before printing, the blueprint of the book is going back and forth between designer, translator, editor and me and as much as I tried to correct typos, there would be some new ones coming somewhere else!

      We use this recipe everyday to make our macaron and it’s a fabulous one. I am very sorry about wasting your ingredients and time and hope you will give it another try!! :)


      • Vivian

        Hi Chef,
        I have tried the revised recipe, it worked out great! In fact, I substituted 10g of icing sugar with 4tbsp of cocoa powder to make it chocolate flavour. I also sandwiched the macaroons with strawberry buttercream too =) They were delicious!But I have a few question regarding to the recipe…1) When you put colouring into the batter, what form of colouring do you put in?? Is it a  thick, gel like coloring??2) After you piped your macaroons, do you let them air dry a bit before you put them into the oven?? I heard some people let them dry out a bit, so that a crust would form on top which can prevent cracking happens during baking. Is that a necessary step??
        Sorry for asking so many questions…I would really appreciate to hear your advice =)

        • Gregoire Michaud

          Awesome! I am so glad it worked out for you!
          The coloring we use is in powder form and we pass it through a sieve. We actually add the coloring powder together with the sugar for the whipped egg whites and not after. We’ve found that liposoluble colors work better than hydrosoluble colors.

          Our recipe don’t require drying, we bake it right away and it works nicely. You are right, some recipe require drying but not ours. :)

          Hope it helps! =]

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  • guillaume lepetit

    Would love to buy that artisan bread book
    will they be some new stock coming in?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hi Guillaume! The book will be released in soft copy on different platform soon. My editor is working hard as we speak to release it soon! Thanks for your interest! :)

      • Kit

        Quick! Quick! can’t wait. I just get ‘La Boulangerie’ Banking at home, then find out ‘Artisan Bread’ is out of print. I’m a new comer in baking bread.

        • Gregoire Michaud

          ahah! Thank you very much Kit! Much appreciated! :)

  • Swee San

    Hi Chef! How many days does it take to deliver within Hong Kong ? I may get it to be delivered to the hotel I’m staying.. will be going next week!

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Oh la la! I am not sure how many days it take, I guess 1 to 2 days, but you never know… otherwise we have the book at our hotel’s boutique, perhaps it’s more safe!

      Thank you so much and if you have time, come by to say hi! :)

  • Bakeduprising

    So excited about this book I have placed my order!

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Thank you very much!! I hope you will like the book! :)

  • Mickey

    Will this book include all of the recipes and information from Artisan Bread?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      LAYERS is about laminated dough and La Boulangerie has a few recipes from Artisan Bread, but not all of it obviously. :)

  • Chengy

    Bonjour Chef! Is there a softcopy available for any of the books?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Bonjour Chengy! :) I am about to post a piece about my books that have been published in soft copy!! :)

  • karen

    hello chef, i’ve bought some of your cookbooks and really like to get a hard copy of “never skip dessert”. will it be reprinted?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hello Karen! I cross finger to see it reprinted – there are chances that we will publish a second edition of Never Skip Dessert due to popular demand! :)

      • karen

        thanks, chef. this is exciting news. can’t wait to see the new edition of “never skip dessert”. hope this will happen soon! btw, i really enjoy “got cheese” and “layers” – will definitely try out some of the recipes. with best wishes :)

  • Judy Louey

    Chef Michaud, I’m still unable to get a copy of Artisan Bread. Will there ever be a re-print?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hello Judy, so far the publisher is working on an ebook version and I am still trying to convince them to reprint it!

      • Judy Louey

        Thank you Chef Michaud for taking the time to respond. I hope that you’ll have more time for group classes.

        Kind regards,

  • Edward Wong

    I want to purchase never skip dessert and was wondering what range of desserts do you cook ? i am interested . Thanks. Where am i able to buy the book if its out of stock?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hi Edward, Indeed Never Skip Dessert is currently out of stock, although it is still available in Taiwan in hard copy. The book Got Cheese? is a book about dessert too and it’s available to purchase from this blog at!/~/product/category=0&id=3853034

      Thanks a lot! :)


      • Edward

        Hi Gregoire, Thanks. I want to try something new for a change. All your cookbook looks yummy. Am going to purchase them and hope i have time to make some in my own time.

        Best wishes,

        • Edward

          I wanted to ask, which books have the recipe for Chocolat Au Pan bread thing, scones, crossiants? In the artisan bread what sort of breads can i make ?

  • malcolm britto

    Hello chef,i love Ur pastries and bakeries.i had work with you in 2010 in four seasons hotel Mumbai,India. wants to work with you again and again.
    thanks and regards
    Malcolm Britto
    demi chef de partie
    four seasons hotel,Mumbai, India

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hi Malcolm! Yes, I remember! I hope you are well and kicking! ;)
      I was with your GM yesterday – it’s funny how the world is so big, yet so small – I hope we meet again soon!

      • malcolm

        Hey chef, it is great to see your reply.
        i heard u are not working with four seasons anymore as you own your own bakery shop in hongkong but i dont see any pics yet on your official web.
        wants to know more about your pastries and bakeries.
        hope tp see it soon.
        malcolm britto.

  • Sue meldrum

    I am trying to order your book – Layers but it wont let me add to the shop and checkout?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks a lot Sue! There was a problem with the online shop that should be now fixed – I am so sorry for the mishap! Big thanks for your support! :-)

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  • Rynz

    Hi Chef, I’m visiting HK 6-9th Jan 2014. I have checked a few bookstores today to try to get your book, Artisan Bread, to no avail. I’ll be returning to Malaysia by 9th Jan. Any advice on where can I get that Artisan Bread book?

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hello there! :)
      Sadly Artisan Bread is out of print for the moment and I myself don’t know where to find it either! I hope my publisher will consider reprinting it! Sorry about that and thanks a lot for the support!

      • Rynz

        Chef, noted. Shall keep my fingers crossed on republishing.

  • Angel R Betancourt

    Amazing Blog / Web Site!

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Oh la la! Thanks a lot Angel! That’s very kind :)

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