Recipes of desserts & more

Recipes that I love to make at home, scrumptious and pleasing: You’ve got to try them!

  1. Progetto VIRGO
  2. The persimmon secret
  3. Feuilletage, Frangipane and Kings
  4. Easter Tsoureki or the day I discovered malhep and mastic
  5. Starting 2014 full on with Foodie Magazine!
  6. Layers of Thanksgiving Love
  7. What if clouds were made of passion?
  8. Brioche Tressee au Chocolat
  9. Vietnamese Chocolate, honey toffee and flowery earl grey
  10. Most wanted: Chocolate Sabayon Tart
  11. Chocolate pot-de-creme: 5 steps to happiness
  12. Happy Christmas with mince pie recipe in video
  13. Put health back in your dessert with Angel Food Cake!
  14. Delicious cake au beurre
  15. Jammin’ with the Roses!
  16. Sugar Ring, Bunuelos, or Beignet au fer?
  17. Homemade Nutella & Pinot Noir Eiswein
  18. Early summer dessert: Peach & Apricot
  19. Anytime you crave: Cornflakes cookies
  20. Biscuit Japonais a la coconut
  21. Video: Pressed organic strawberries & shaved ice coins
  22. Is Willie’s world class cacao really world class?
  23. Basil oil: Your next dessert twist!
  24. Gingersnap cookies with fresh ginger
  25. Blueberry honeycomb a la sodium bicarbonate!
  26. Apple pectin, sugars and roselle: test recipe for diabetes
  27. Why would you ever cook white figs?
  28. My addictive homemade granola!
  29. Coconut Yogurt Bonbon
  30. Chilling out at the pool with lemon mascarpone parfait
  31. Rhubarb trifle: You did WHAT?
  32. A pinch of Espelette chili on a hot chocolate mousse
  33. How would you like your scones: Baked or Posh?
  34. Undeniable: Hong Kong loves Egg Tarts!
  35. Oh la la! Gateau au chocolat!
  36. Korean Strawberries and Chablis Sabayon
  37. A taste of Hong Kong’s very own organic fig chutney
  38. Leela’s Cream Cheese at
  39. Christmas cinnamon leaves
  40. Masarang Clove Pumpkin Cake
  41. The abyssal depth of chocolate tart.
  42. Me, myself and palm sugar.
  43. Icing on the cake

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