Real bread, real food

As soon as an ingredient is cooked or baked, a chemical or physical process is induced. As long as cooking has existed, this has been the case, yet today, it seems that we, people, like to use a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a bit too much. I won’t extend on figures, but since the 50’s, the amount of processed food loaded with food preservatives has become most people’s everyday diet. Several studies link these increase to cancers and allergies that were very rare back then.

With these engineered flavors, our palates have become numb to authentic taste and so many times I have witnessed people liking more a chemically flavored pastry opposed to the same pastry made with real ingredients. The amount of salt, sugar, modified sugar and flavoring made us lose most of our cognitive memory of what real food is supposed to taste like, if we ever did encounter real taste.

Cook and bake with real ingredient, it tastes much better!

Not just anywhere ‘local’

We are in Hong Kong and the supermarket in the corner of the street sells “compost grown” organic vegetables from a foreign country, wrapped in a double layer plastic packaging and that must be kept in the fridge or it would deteriorate too fast. And best of all with a sticker saying “Flown-in by air”. What a perfect example of what I call “anywhere local” marketing scam.

When I walk in my favorite fresh food market where organic local vegetables and fruits are sold, none of the vegetable are packed in plastic, but only wrapped in recycled paper once sold and they are at room temperature, perfectly healthy. Their price is cheap and they only traveled a mere 30 kilometers from their roots to my plate.

Work local, grow local, buy local, cook local – be local!

Don’t lose your balance

We are in a society where food nutrition and balanced diet have lost most of its sense. When I see commercials on meal replacement, nutrient packed diet drinks and other insane marketing creations, I am really starting to believe that food has become a monster we are afraid of with its salty tentacles, genetically modified arms, hydrogenated fat and overly sweet smile! Again, I think we have lost ground with common sense. You can eat everything as long as it is made from wholesome ingredients and in controlled portion. I know that plate of pasta is too good to be left alone, but portion size and balance in components is the key!

Use your heart to cook and share the love!

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