Cucurbita Moschata you said?!

November 13th, 2015 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Surely, there is something better that can be done with pumpkin other than a hideous “venti skinny pumpkin spice soy milk latte” ? ;)

I am a fan of butternut squash since forever; that soup, with grilled scallops in beurre noisette and garlic-parsely toasted bread my mother made is just anchored deep inside. Call me an old timer, but it’s absolute comfort in the chilling weather and the autumn arriving, so when I see squash at the market, it hits me right in the feel!


On the grill first, then diced and baked to avoid additional water

The incredible thing with cucurbita moschata, otherwise known as butternut squash, is its incredible nutty flavor delivered at roasting. Pretty much like other pumpkins do, but the butternut squash does it better! So, people shouldn’t be allowed to cook anything with butternut squash if it was not previously roasted. Done! :)

With Halloween just behind us and the autumn season in full swing, I wanted to treat the family with a delicious morning treat. Butternut squash are flooding the market stalls, so I thought about grilling some – dark roasting I mean! – bringing out all the potential of this vegetable in disguise (…it’s really a fruit). Once cooled, I pureed it into a smooth puree, added some brown sugar, cinnamon and spread it on my rolled dough.


With the little dark dots of the grilling process…


Pumpkin puree, brown sugar and cinnamon to roll



There is more to cucurbita moschata than meets the eyes. And it’s its seeds: washed, dried and candied in pure cane sugar makes it to the top of the rolls, just like that…


Flipped up-side-down, the brown sugar caramelized :)



Beautiful flakiness!


The dough? Ah yes, I forgot to talk about the dough. The base is a recipe I shared in my books (that are about to be all re-published soon by the way!) which is a nice layered dough, giving a little crunch and an hefty load of butter to the rolls. Lately, I have been experimenting with different butters, from different seasons and origin and I love the way they all give you different layering and more importantly, the way they give or should I say infuse their flavor to the baked product.

I know someone that enjoyed those the next morning :)


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