The Harbourfront Feast

April 24th, 2015 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

May 2, 2015 will witness a rare occurrence in Hong Kong. Rare because you get to be fed by 13 talented chefs from 13 different kitchens in one go! 

All the chefs met over few days to taste each other’s dishes and to make sure we were all not serving the same thing as well as discussing portion size so the guests won’t feel stuffed after 3 dishes out of 12, which I have to say is a welcome move from the organizer. I had the luck to sample a few dishes, notably from Cookieboy (Must. Eat. Cookies.), Relish Kitchen, Butcher’s Club, Culinart and Pomegranate and I can already tell you that I will be sneaking out trying to bribe them all with my brioche to have a chance to taste all these amazing dishes. You get 12 dishes, unlimited flow of wine and beer – life is good!

For the occasion, I wanted to create something that can be served quickly and that blends our beautifully crafted breads in a dessert. The dessert I will be serving is a freshly baked candied orange brioche topped with crunchy graham crumbs, and served with vanilla ice cream and your choice of demi-sel caramel or chocolate sauce.


Quite frankly, the way we balance our brioche is more fluffy and rich than some genoise out there! Getting it covered in a crunchy graham texture and stuffed of ice cream and sauces just makes it a beautifully balanced dessert and definitely a good alternative to bread pudding! 

Visit the organizer’s website here to get your tickets! 

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