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March 20th, 2015 | Posted by greg in Classes & Demo | Daily life...

Baking sourdough bread kneaded by hand is physical and rare. So rare that even TV is coming to witness this! 


We had yet another chance to welcome the TVB crew at Bread Elements where star hosts Sarah Song and Sheldon Lo had a go at kneading, shaping and baking our signature sourdough baguettes. We had an extensive discussion on the different flours, leavening methods, the effect of time and hydration on fermentation and taste and so on, but of course, there is never enough time to share every details when you try to go into the deep layers of baking real bread! The show is now online (minute 15), but not sure if it’s accessible from all geographical regions. Enjoy!



You can watch the show online here! 


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5 Responses

  • Geoffrey K W Lee says:

    Yes, you are right. Those who are not in HK cannot watch the video. There are geographical restrictions imposed by TVB. I cannot watch it from Malaysia. Pity :(

  • Geoffrey K W Lee says:

    No worries. I made that comment because I know that you have lots of fans and friends overseas. That website ( is mainly for HK residents and is free-of-charge. This is no provision for any pay-service even if you want to.

    Incidentally, TVB supplies, for a fee, some of their programs to different TV stations in different countries.

    In Malaysia, TVB works with Astro and we can watch some of TVB programs through our subscriptions with Astro. Some of the programs you can watch “live” (same time as HK).

    This restriction is purely due to commercial reason. If people could have free access to, no one will subscribe to their local TV service providers for TVB programs.

    Hope I have answered your question.

  • David says:

    Je ne parviens pas à trouver la vidéo. Une autre solution ?

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