How about bacon profiteroles and burgers?

October 21st, 2014 | Posted by greg in Charity | Classes & Demo | Daily life...

Not only famous in Hong Kong for being amongst the finest burgers in town, but soon to open abroad too, it’s at the Butcher’s Club that I will present and cook my take on burger and since I come from the pastry world, I also created a rather stunning bacon profiterole to fit the ambiance! 


Say hello to the burger or more appropriately Hamburguesa here since all things cooked are of Spanish influence! To my Spanish friends, please don’t crucify me for having cooked Iberico pork as a burger patty with smoked bacon and chorizo, melted manchego on it and a thick spread of your delicious quince paste on the bun. With that, I have added some fresh baby spinach and a delicious slow cooked tomato tapenade. The meat patty, spiced just enough is the perfect fit to our signature bun, topped with grilled pickled peppers on top! BOOOOOM!


The bacon profiteroles! I had to come up with a dessert that would fit the Butcher’s Club Burger concept and at the same time, my burger which is based on pork… When I eat grilled bacon, there is this caramelized touch that always does it, it triggers my happy chords. So I tried to cook the smoked grilled bacon in my caramel. But instead of using the whole slice, I made sure to remove as much fat as possible in order not to mess with the butter of the caramel. Also, the bacon is smoked to add an extra layer of flavor here. The caramel worked out perfectly!

While the bacon caramel was setting, I prepared the choux, topped with the same chopped grilled smoked bacon, baked to perfection – the bacon bits added a welcome little crunch to the pastry. I then filled the choux with a good portion of the caramel and (yes!) vanilla creme patisserie. I must be in my profiterole mode, following my last recipe from the forest, but I couldn’t think of other cool dessert would fit the finger style eating, connecting with an awesome burger place where dessert has not yet been seen!


 Join the Butcher’s Club Burger on October 28th, for 2 weeks, and try it out! 

PS: If you’re on a diet, please come to visit! ;)


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