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At the occasion of the Natural & Organic Products Asia event held at the Hong Kong Convention Center, where I happened to be a member of the Advisory Committee, I was asked to do a demonstration for a raw superfood dessert. Yes, me too when I read that, I was like, wow…. raw? superfood? You mean no stone baking oven?


The superfood part was fairly easy to cover as pretty much every ingredient Mother Nature makes contain some sort of beneficial component for our body, then there are a bunch of them with higher specific nutritional values, easily classified by today’s nutritionist (and by the occasional marketing campaign ads too) as superfood. Then, there is the raw factor. By itself, that is a fairly new concept to me. I’ve heard about it before of course, especially from my friend Peggy, over at Grassroots Pantry, but … indeed, nowadays I am rather baking everything I do at 200 degree Celsius! So I spent a little time studying about the raw foodism lifestyle. It turns out that there are several raw foodism groups, including raw veganism, raw vegetarianism and raw animal food diets. The bottom line rule is that no ingredients should be cooked above a temperature of 40 degree Celsius.


Out of all this, life isn’t too bad, and by convenience, I have elected to do a dessert around the raw vegetarian concept, using almonds, green apple, dill, raw sugar, blueberry, cold pressed black sesame oil, lemon and egg! Every ingredient I used was organic and raw.

First, I prepared a very smooth almond cream by blending in a food processor almonds with 10% sugar into a paste and added a few tablespoon of soy milk at the end to smooth it out. Trust me, whether you’re a raw foodism adept or not, this is REAL good! In this dessert of course, but then it can fit many other dishes. So the almond cream was the base of the dessert, piped under the marinated green apple. The green apple is sliced very thin with a mandoline, cut in rings and marinated in a dill, raw sugar and lemon water. The slices are getting slightly soft, yet they keep their crisp; after marination I tossed them with a bit of the cold pressed black sesame oil. I prepared a fresh lemon meringue with organic eggs and lemon zest which I then piped around the dish. Finally, I’ve placed fresh blueberries, lemon zest, fresh almonds and dill, as well as a last drizzle of the sesame oil. Here, you have to come outside the comfort zone of glaze, genoise and other oozing pudding – it’s a fabulous alternative to your regular dessert, full of flavors and textures.

There is little chance that I would convert myself purely to raw foodism any time soon, although, it is part of my daily diet with salads, sashimi and other raw specialties, but I have to say that that exercise of coming up with such dessert was very refreshing for the body and for the soul! 


Join me and many others at Natural & Organic Products Asia on August 28th, 2pm :)

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