The Harvest Feast 2014

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Seeing an hail storm falling on Hong Kong, destroying windows and flooding multiple parts of the city is incredibly rare and VERY worrisome when you are just a few days away from the Harvest Feast 2014… It poured all week long, yet, on that Saturday April 5th, the sun gave us one of his most amazing smile that lasted all day long – the very next day? pouring again… Was it luck? Was is planned?

Well… maybe it could have been very well planned, because once again, Christine from Pure Buzz went out of her way to organize a flawless event for Homegrown Foods, to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d made a few arrangements with the Gods of weather to make sure we were on the bright side ;-)


The herbs infused focaccia served on the table


Loads of herbs and garlic infused and blended in olive oil


Little harvesters were in for a treat, shaping marzipan fruits and vegetables on delicious carrot cakes


Erik and Tracy showing Clement how to pipe oozing lemon curd and mint meringue on Breton Shortbreads


Toffee popcorn from Grassroots Pantry (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Amazing pastas from Vinny and his team from IHM (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Butcher’s Club steak sandwich (I had several!!) (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Awesome pulled Pork buns from Jack at Restoration (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Nature’s work… just beautiful… (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Another one of Mother Nature’s work! (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Fresh and organic! (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Excellent Ravioli from Joey and his team from Cafe Gray! (Photo from Josephine Rozman)


Lemon curd, mint meringue and breton shortbread by Tracy of IHM and us at Bread Elements (Photo from Josephine Rozman)

A good dozen of chefs and artisan joined the event, cooking, baking and brewing all natural and organic food and beverage right here in Hong Kong!

I love to recall that article published 2 years ago where the author stigmatized us, so-called Hong Kong new-born organic scene, with the too-easy stereotype of “urbanites in search of a better life”. Well… just FYI, there was about 200% increase in attendance compared to last year’s event. So we might be urbanites in search of a better life, but hey, we are not alone! ;)

Across the board, the food was genuinely great and diverse with a wide range of creative dishes. To me, the highlight of the day was the welcoming of Young Master brewery. It has probably to do with the fact that we both ferment grains into alcohol. Tasting the creative beverages, brewed like it should be right here in Hong Kong, was really refreshing for the body and the soul!

All the proceeds of the event went to support local farming – I would love to see government officials joining the fun and realize how much better is a day at the farm with wholesome food, rather than spending a day in a concrete covered jungle… Restaurateur in town who are embracing the local food scene are probably eating up some of their profit margin by using local organics, but the way I see it, it’s an investment in the future generation. The same goes for people at home. You look at the price of local organic and go “howdy!! That’s expensive compared to my conventional shopping…” 10 years down the line (and I really don’t wish anyone this), when you have high blood pressure, skin conditions and other side effects of food additives and GMO foods, then perhaps the doctor’s bill will amount for every penny you saved all those years, and between you and me, wholesome natural food tastes so much better! Are you ready to try yet?

harvest feast2014


Looking forward to the next Harvest Feast!

Photos courtesy of Josephine Rozman, Hong Kong finest food photographer!

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