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November 22nd, 2013 | Posted by greg in Books | Charity

The first question Jason Black, mastermind behind the calendar, asked me was “Do you want to be part of a calendar?”

I laughed. And me being me thought about those calendars you receive at Christmas from every other companies with random photos of coconuts and tropical islands, and where having your computer desktop calendar synchronized with your new phone and possibly watch (yes, I know… next is brain implant!) through a cloud application gives you every reason to find paper calendar obsolete.

Then, Jason explained the concept, the participants and the story behind. I stopped smiling and started to listen with great attention…


Twelve of the finest Chefs in Hong Kong took part in the Icons 2014 calendar and each of us prepared 3 or 4 recipes. The calendar was done in a way where you can read/use it as a calendar or on the other way as a cookbook! Super clever concept that will, I hope, last for many years to come. It’s year end and I have to say that it’s a great gift to do. Not necessarely for the calendar part, but definitely as a recipe book! Find out more from the Icons Website directly, where you can also order the calendar!

 Below are the items I did…


Pistachio, cherry and oregano financier


Berries, herbed meringue, bed of strawberry, bleuet cream


Sheep frozen yogurt, blueberry granola, sandal wood cream, lemon thyme (that one wasn’t featured in the calendar for some reasons)


Peach & rosemary roux buns, semi melted brie, toasted almonds and arugula

And below is the last one was which was an artichoke brandade with poached egg, olive dust, toasted campagne bread and pickled radish. This dish is part of the cover of the calendar. The photos I published on this blog were taken by myself and are miles away from the beautiful photography Josephine Rozman shot for the calendar! (and yes, that’s not my camera below… I wouldn’t know how to use that!)


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