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October 1st, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Winning the last Eat Your Words event by teaming up with talented Ale Wilkinson in support of FoodLink and boasting an auction price of a baking class for 10 people at Bread Elements was the easy part…


Indeed, making it happen in a 6 month young bakery, in full development wasn’t the easiest part at all – but we’ve made it! 

I was very happy that the first class was actually for charity and fund raising. We welcomed our first 8 participants to a baking class of 4 hours during which we’ve made baguettes, rye fig and walnut sourdough, salted caramel & coffee macaron, rose petal & strawberry guimauve and a sour cherry & chocolate sabayon tart that we’ve enjoyed with a superb 25 years old Muscat from Australia. Upon their arrival, participants had a little Danish pastries and croissant break, just to make sure we start on the right note!


A lot of hands shaping baguettes


Some people had very serious baking skills! ;)




Macaron piped by students – excellent for a first time! ;)

We prepared a set of recipes and apron for everyone and during the class, there was things I would demonstrate and other things would be made by everyone. Of course, we had fermented our sourdough for the last 24 hours before shaping them – no 3-hours bread here! What I have found very interesting compared to other classroom style class, it that participants are actually immersed in our everyday work (beside the piping bag feeding of fresh guimauve!) people could use, do and see what we do in real life, everyday. Pretty far from any aseptic class room covered with mirrors and HD TV screens, reminiscent of mass classes where the speaker would say something pointing at you and you would laugh, hoping it was a joke and not a question.

That hands-on approach, real bread and wholesome food side of the class is definitely what made things different, and it’s for sure a format to be repeated in the next classes. Now I know many of you have asked or are considering joining our class (or maybe not after you see the below photo!) – and I can tell you that we are working hard to make it happen!

A big thank you to the amazing bunch of people who came at the class and of course to our team (and Lily) to put up with the class and my craziness! Let’s do it again!


And of course, I had to be fed too! Thanks David! ;)

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