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September 10th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Charity

Several month ago, I embarked myself together with other chefs as a “Chef in the Community” for the Feeding Hong Kong initiative.

There was a few things that were asked from the participating chefs, notably sharing a few recipes that could be interesting in terms of taste and possible to realize with limited ingredients and equipment, but most of all, it had to be recipes that were nutritious and balanced. Quite an eye opener when we are spoiled with ingredients imported from abroad. Being nutritiously balanced is not an easy task to accomplish either based on the available ingredients, but with a little bit of creativity, it’s very possible. For my first assignment, I visited PathFinders and I was teaming up with the talented Dietetician Wendy Wu, which did a super interesting presentation on nutrition.


Then, I knew we would do a few events in the community, but I didn’t know exactly what, especially not what I came across with today…

In any people’s right mind, the stories of the people I came across today should not even have happened. Human being, like you and me, being totally disrespected, abused, beaten – all for no reason. This made me very sad of course, but when I learned that children were involved in these stories it really hit me hard and since there was plenty of little boys and girls there, it was very touching to look at them straight in the eyes – I had a hard time dealing with my emotions… PathFinders is an organization that brings assistance to these people in great need of support, direction and sheltering.

Every Child deserves a fair start in life – so is the motto of PathFinders, and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Being a parent myself, it put everything in a different perspective when we’re having a bad day because we have a stain on a newly bought shirt…

I demonstrated how to prepare two creative sandwiches. Made from scratch, the first one was made on toasted grains sourdough, with marinated tuna in orange and ginger juice with a bit of sesame oil and soya sauce, a nice pickled coleslaw topped the marinated tuna. The second one was a whole wheat pita bread (you might have seen it popping here!) with grilled chicken, mango coriander salsa, red bell pepper and lettuce prepared as a rolled sandwich. My goal was to demonstrate that food can be tasty and nutritious with other things than industrially processed cheese,sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup or simply too much salt. Pickling vegetables with vinegar, using orange or ginger to bring out flavor are easy things to do to make food taste better.

There should be and will be a lot more similar events in the future; and I very much hope it will make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate people. As always, there is never too much help that can be provided – please visit PathFinders and Feeding Kong Kong websites to find out how to help too! :-)


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