Peach and rosemary Roux Buns

July 4th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

After having spent most of my life baking I still learn new things every day – that’s awesome!



Today, I tried to bake roux buns, a bread where part of the dough is pre-gelatinized in a pot as per a classic roux making. I was really wondering if there would be any noticeable differences compared to our regular brioche. And so I went on and followed a blend of recipes I’ve found on the internet, which were pretty much all the same at a few grams more or less of butter and flour here and there. The first thing I noticed is that the dough starts as being quite firm and once we add the gelatinized flour, it became smooth and turned into a very pleasant flexible dough. As per the photos I had seen from the roux bun, it was something uber delicate with a very light sponge texture…


I added my own little twist to the roux brioche, so I created a “peach milk” by re-hydrating dry peaches in water and using this water with milk solids in the recipe. Then I chopped the semi-hydrated peaches in large chunks and added a huge pinch of chopped fresh rosemary… I wasn’t sure about the use of this bun, with these flavors, but after I slept on it (not on the bread, although I could have as it was so soft!) but on the idea, I thought about just-melted farm Brie cheese and a few toasted almonds – and I started drooling. Yes! The buns were really fluffy and flavorful with big chunks of peach and the fragrance of fresh rosemary. The texture was a bit lighter than our regular brioche, but then again, there was not a massive difference – perhaps because our brioche are very similar in texture.


I will keep this idea for an upcoming project ;)



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  • Angie_L says:

    Hi Chef Gregoire,

    I saw your interview on Apple Daily’s food magazine recently. Your bread creations look fantastic! Must give it a try next time I go to HK.
    Btw, I’m very interested in your “son”, the several-year-long sourdough. Do you need to feed or refresh it daily? I make bread once a week, is it possible for a home baker to make and keep a year-long sourdough too?

    • Hello Angie!

      Yes, our sourdough is 9 years old and we refresh it twice a day with water and flour. It is possible to make it at home too. But the schedule will be different. If you work on a liquid sourdough, you can keep it in the fridge and refresh it less frequently, or you can produce a larger amount and divide it in several portion stored in the freezer. It also works! :)

  • Swee San says:

    It looks so yummy! wish i can learn some bread baking tips from u

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