Creme de la Creme Caramel: So Good!

July 14th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life...


For the 10th edition of SoGood Magazine the challenge Joe and I ignited was on revisiting creme caramel!

Talk about a delicious piece of soft curd! But how could we shape this timeless classic in any different way? If you bake a regular creme caramel in a mold and try to freeze it to obtain shapes, it will be nothing short of a disaster… yes, trust me, I’ve tried! It splits and has an horrible texture… But it is during that failing process that I realized what was needed to glue it together. And so I used a recipe with a higher level of fat and a little pectin – and an heavy load of Tahitian vanilla from my friend Alain Abel. Then I coated the delicate cream with a caramel jelly and to support it all, I engineered a FABULOUS sponge cake based on fruit puree (here it’s cassis) and egg white – moist, bursting with flavor, I swear this cake is one of the best recipe of 2013!! (in my humble opinion of course – so I am going to use it in pastries, cakes, desserts and more!) Anyway, back to the creme de la creme… I finished the side with a semi pris of berries and balsamic vinegar and a little fresh micro lucky purple sorrel which happened to fit the top of the creme very well!



For the creme caramel purist out there, yes, I agree, the texture of the creme is not as “breaking” as with the classic version, mainly due to the addition of fat from the cream and the pectin, but hey, I think it still a very good attempt! ;)

The only down side I could find on the photos is my reflection on the caramel jelly as it was super shinny! I am definitely a better pastry chef than photographer! ;) lol

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4 Responses

  • Angie_L says:

    What an innovative presentation of Crème Caramel, Chef!

    Yeah, I can see your reflection clearly on the caramel glaze (hello there!) but it doesn’t bother me..
    With a little help from strobe light and diffuser, it is easy for those professional food photographers to get rid of some unwanted reflections.
    I guess you took this shot with a camera only (without any extra lighting setup) eh?!
    A face-to-face angle will create a reflection of yourself on the caramel glaze. In order to minimize this type of glare on the subject, next time you can tilt your camera a little bit and select another angle.

    Oops, that’s just my two cents worth……..…hehehe!

    • Wow! You are a pro photograph! And obviously, I had no idea about any of your tips! ;) You are correct, I just went in natural day light and shot with tripod – but of course, the light was reflecting on us and since the glaze was super reflecting, we can see little people in the dessert :) lol
      Next time, I will try harder, i promise!

      • Angie_L says:

        As a pro pastry chef, actually you’ve done a great job on this beautiful product image. I like your choice of using a white background, it really highlights the dessert and can make for some great attention-grabbing contrasts.
        Obviously I’m not a pro photographer but I love shooting (as well as baking) very much.

        Keep up your good work (both baking and shooting), Chef!

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