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June 15th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Pretending I am going to teach anyone how to make the best French toast (or pain perdu) on Earth would be way beyond my confidence point as I think there are so many people making it very well out there… at most, I might be able to inspire a different take on the classic dish…


It turned out we had an extra loaf of rye figs & walnut sourdough laying around on our wooden bench and I decided to give Kouign-amann’s caramel a serious competitor. I sliced the loaf, cut and round disc and bathed it in cream, milk and egg until well soaked – to finally pan fried it in butter and gave it a beautiful caramelized crust. To go with that, I slowly cooked Japanese pumpkin and added a few pecan nuts.



On the other hand, the way I whip cream nowadays is a bit different than the good old fashion. I whip it to about 80%, add whatever is needed like vanilla or sugar and I finish it with a few grams of xanthan gum. Yes, you read the right word, xanthan gum! It allows the cream to set very smoothly and in a fluffy way, leaving the particles of water and fat in their original condition, and where there is zero risk of having a start of splitting; and not to forgot it allows to pipe cream drops that look smoother than ever before.


The rich caramelized toast loaded with figs blends beautifully with the soft pumpkins, pecan nuts and the dollops of soft cream. 




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4 Responses

  • Vivian says:

    Hi Chef,

    It is very interesting that you put xanthan gum into your whipped cream! Do you have an exact ratio for your recipe? Also, when I use x-gum as a thickener, it always takes a longer time to fully blended in, or else there will be small clumps. So my question is, while you add you x-gum into your 80%whipped cream, would it gets over whipped before the x-gum is completely incorporated? Thanks =)

    • Hello Vivian,

      You have to mix the x-gum with sugar before mixing into recipes so it will avoid the lumps. For example for the whipped cream, I added 3% of sugar and the tip of a teaspoon of x-gum mixed with it when the cream starts to thicken… then i just finish to whip when it is at soft peak – it’s beautiful!

  • Angie_L says:

    Hey Chef, you’ve successfully turned a classic into a fancy-looking dish. Well done!
    I learnt something new today, thank you for the helpful tip of adding Xanthan Gum into whipped cream.

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