ESF Master Chef Grand Final

June 20th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Nearly 400 students coming from different schools within the ESF network joined the Master Chef competition! 


And only 8 made it to the final where my old colleagues, friends and myself were invited to be judges. It’s with with Vincent and Herve from Four Seasons and Jeremy from Mirror that we had the difficult task to taste and judge the work of students aged 12 years old on average. And honestly? There were dishes I would be happy to have in restaurants!


I salute the initiative of ESF of doing this great competition. I think if one of these young person have the passion within for food, then it is that kind of event that may help the spark that will ignite the fire for the future! Thus, we had to be very considerate about the actual judging and certainly not play it tough – but rather coaching and considering for each of the young chef’s feeling.


Of course there was a winner, but to me all the little chefs reaching that level of cooking, are all winners! I don’t know about you, but it’s not everyday that a 12 years old comes to me with a perfectly executed paella with crab meat, a hollandaise sauce or a homemade puff pastry made within the 1.5 hours time limit – I mean wow! At HOFEX, professional chefs had a tough time pulling dishes hardly as good and with more time allocated! ;)

Check out the complete album of photos here – photos courtesy of ESF School. 

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