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When Jason called me a few months ago to ask me if I was in for a charity event to support Food Link, I had very little idea of what the concept would be, but my answer was yes.


And guess what! It turned out to be a phenomenal event held at The Salted Pig an event of human size where once again, we used our cooking and baking passion to help others. The concept was rather simple, we were 5 teams, each composed of one chef and one food critic and each team had to prepare one course of the dinner. Then the 130 people seating in the audience would judge our performance: AWESOME idea I say!

For the evening, I was chosen by food critic, talented writer and fellow blogger Ale Wilkinson. We held secret meetings, strategy talks and tastings to fine tune our dessert – it took us a while, but we’ve finally nailed it down. The ambiance in the kitchen and in the restaurant was phenomenal – just like I dream it would have been, but in real! The 5 teams were up for competition, but we all helped each others and there was not an ounce of competitiveness. (although the dessert won by 500 points ahead! :) lol – I’m just kidding, but yes… we won! muahahhaha!)


Together with the dinner menu, there was a few prices to auction, amongst which a baking class with me for 10 people that topped an incredible HK$17,000 and for the evening we totaled HK$132,000 which is super awesome! I just picture how many meals that can be served for underprivileged people with this kind of money! This is definitely a great way to move the balance in the right direction.

For the evening, I designed a frozen sheep yogurt in dark chocolate and almond, green apple beignet, sandal wood chantilly, salty caramel, poached green apple and basil panna cotta. It was a dish with very diverse flavors, but all coming together very well, just like the diverse bunch of chefs and writers we were on that night. Originally, I had my classic basil oil on the dessert – but after one of our secret meeting with Ale, she suggested it to be turned into “Words” and so it changed to panna cotta. We also had to have a pairing beverage with our dish and I had the immense privilege to be helped by my good friend Cedric, who happens to be the ex-sommelier of Caprice, now at the helm of his own business (sounds familiar!) Caudalie Wine, here in Hong Kong. Cedric had chosen an Austrian sweet wine which was the perfect match to our winning dessert!


With my new bakery concept in full startup mode, it wasn’t the easiest event to pull off, especially in terms of preparation and transport. Thankfully, I received the most awesome help from a few people.


Check out the full photo album and the complete line up of the evening from HK magazine here!

PS: Watch out for this dessert in version 2.0 coming soon ;)


Photo courtesy of HK Magazine

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