Vietnamese Chocolate, honey toffee and flowery earl grey

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Going to Vietnam, chasing the origin of chocolate, was all nice and beautiful, but then I had to find what to do with it!

I received a kilo of single origin Vietnam chocolate, vintage 2010, with 72% cocoa content and after having tasted it, I found that the flavors were very gentle and subtle, yet very nice. And in order to support it, I wanted to do something with as less fat as possible. Thus, I opted to make a water based ganache. I infused a beautiful floral tea in the water, containing bergamot and several kinds of flowers and melted the chocolate with it. Then, cooled it over ice bath and whipped it. Chocolate contains lecithin which makes it able to emulsify with water based liquid.

Honey toffee

100 g honey

90 g cream

#Caramelize the honey and add the cream; reduce until the toffee can be piped.

#Add a spoon of boiling water to emulsify.




Above you can see on the left the toffee just cooked with particles of fat from the cream splitting away from the dry matter. And on the right after a small spoon of hot water added – perfect emulsion.


Sesame Chocolate Sheets

72% Single Origin Vietnam chocolate

A pinch of roasted white sesame

#Temper the chocolate and flatten between plastic sheets with the roasted sesame

#Push with your hands to make the chocolate not perfectly flat


Flowery Earl Grey Tea Ganache Montée

200 ml water

12 g Flowery Earl Grey Tea (I used TeaLeaves brand here!)

225 g Single Origin Vietnam Chocolate

#Infuse the tea the water and strain it over the chopped chocolate. Cool over ice bath and whip in mixer for 5 minutes.





Lay chocolate sheet, pipe the cream, add more chocolate sheets and garnish with dots of honey toffee; add some dried violet blossoms for decoration.


This recipe was also featured in DKSH newsletter! :)

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