I’m not the new anything, I’m just the first me.

May 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Gregoire Michaud in Daily life...

I have been thinking for a while on how to start this post. It’s always the same with intense moments… so I guess the best way is to say it simply:

Yesterday was officially my last working day at the Four Seasons Hotel! Yes, I am embarking in a new fantastic adventure, chasing my lifelong dream of starting my own bakery!


Every minute of the last 8 years I have spent with the  hotel was worth it. It has truly been the ride of a lifetime! From the pre-opening times, wearing a worker’s helmet, to the culmination in recognition, awards and other books published; I seriously would have never thought it would become so intense. What made it so intense is probably the bunch of people that we were as a team; all more talented one another, it created a unique dynamic. I will dearly miss my team – a bunch of exceptionally talented individuals that made it all possible. But also, I need to thank everyone else in the hotel – no matter who, everyone had an impact on my work at some point.

Being still (reasonably) young, and passionate about my craft brought me to the door step of living my dream after 21 years of baking: my own bakery. Together with a few equally passionate associates, we started a bakery with a very simple goal: bring delicious and authentic bread on Hong Kong’s dining tables. This alone is such an exciting thought! The breads and pastries we are going to bake will be the same standard that we’ve always baked, to the best of our abilities and beyond, because after all, this is what we do and this is who we are.

And so the story goes… the number 3 in the pastry will be the new number 2, the number 2 will be the new number 1…

and me? I will not be the new anything, I will just be the first me.

I guess if I didn’t have any aspiration to squeeze more greatness out of life, I probably would have stayed another 10 or 20 years working in the same position, because quite simply, I love what I do. But so it is that my ambitions are bigger than life… I am probably dreaming of achieving things I will never reach and so I believe it should be, a lifelong quest towards an ideal that perhaps, even my own mind can’t conceptualize yet. Pretty much like the old adage goes: It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters. In fact, I have never chased glory, and never will.  I just pursue happiness – something much more valuable than glory to my eyes.

My passion remains intact, if not growing stronger. I will continue to do what I do best: good food! And I will continue sharing it with all of you. I thank you all for the support over the years and look forward for many more delicious moments in the future! Stay tuned for many EXCITING things coming soon!

Discover Bread Elements website here (which isn’t really live yet:)) or our Facebook page here!

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  • Vivian

    Where is your new bakery in Hong Kong, Chef??

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      We have a bakery atelier in Chai Wan and we are going to sell our breads at a few stockist shops and later we will open our own shops too! I will post the info very soon :) Thank you so much Vivian!

  • theregmeister

    congratulations and i wish you all the best on your new venture, mate. where is the place and what’s it called? hope to visit you there someday soon. while i’m sorry that FS lost a great pastry chef, hong kong gained one. good luck!

  • Naomi

    Congrats can’t wait to come in to buy some fresh bread!

  • Tracey @TangledNoodle

    Congratulations, Chef! Best wishes as you pursue your dream!! 8-D

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks a lot Tracey, we stay in touch and please visit us next time you visit HK! :)

  • Ashley Yikman Tong

    Congratulation Chef. Best of luck ;)

  • Joanna

    Congratulations to the first me and the new bakery and hope that it all goes brilliantly ! Jo

  • anita ma

    congrats chef! Emma and I can’t wait to visit you and taste your bread!

  • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

    Thank you everyone! Will post more news very fast! :)

  • veronica popote de véro

    Félicitations pour cette nouvelle aventure…;

  • Judy Louey

    That’s wonderful news, I do hope you’ll have time to give some bread baking lessons too.

  • Minnie Wong

    Chef, I would be happy to be your free labour if you need one :)

  • La Jolla Mom

    Best of luck to you! Though I will miss your creations at the hotel!!! We’ll stop by Bread Elements when we visit this summer.

  • Angie_L

    Congrats Chef, glad to hear that your dreams come truth.
    Btw, I couldn’t find your “Artisan Bread” @ Eslite (they claim they are one the the biggest retail bookstores) during my stay in HK. ***Disappointed***

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Aiyaaa!! I know, the book is out of print for a long time and my publisher has promised to do it as an ebook – but I am still waiting too! so sorry! :)

  • travellingfoodies

    Congrats Chef! Hope to visit your own bakery soon during our visits to Hong Kong! – Alan

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks a lot Alan! :) Looking forward to welcome you here!

  • Colette

    Wow Gregoire…I have missed sooo much!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love the post title, I love your inspiring words and I love that you will be opening up your own bakery. I am just upset about one thing…that I hoped you’d chosen somewhere closer than Hong Kong! ;) Best of luck on your new adventure..though I am sure you wont need it! It will be a success! If I ever go to hong Kong, I will not miss it!

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Bonjour Colette! :)

      Thank you so much for your words – it is really uplifting on a Monday morning!!

      The adventure just begins and it’s a long road ahead, and a lot of great baking ahead too! :)

  • http://thesweetspot.com.my Swee San

    Congratulations Chef!! I hope to try some of your awesome bread when I go to Hong Kong (again) next month! Where is your bakery??

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Ah! Awesome! Actually we currently bake bread for wholesale business, but soon enough, we will have shops too! :)

      Let me know the dates of your visit – I am also traveling abroad in August!

      • http://thesweetspot.com.my Swee San

        oh, i’ll be there 18-23 August .. *fingers crossed*

        • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

          ….and……. *drum roll* …………I’ll be in HK!!! :)

          Will be very happy to welcome you to my humble bakery!

          • http://thesweetspot.com.my Swee San

            wwoo wwaaa *throws confetti* this time I must visit your bakery. No big groups travelling this time, just me ^^

          • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

            do you still have my email address? :)

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