We’ve planted our Easter garden!

March 14th, 2013 | Posted by Gregoire Michaud in Daily life...

A few weeks ago, we’ve planted a few seeds of a very special crop, a crop that makes people happy!


If flowers could grow in deliciousness, this is what they would look like; we’ve grown carrot cake flowers!

This Easter, we are taking a different look at the classic cupcakes. And different is the least to say! We’re using natural clay pots, untreated, where we’re layering organic carrot cake and a light lemon cream cheese cream, topped with chocolate crumbles in the role of the soil – and to replace the butter cream and other icing decoration, we’re using real organic edible flowers from our buddies at Zen farmgrown with love in Hong Kong!


I showed it to my 7 year old son and he said “No! you’re eating the soil from the flower pot? For real?” with eyes bigger than the moon! 

Before “planting’, I did a few research on clay pots as a food container and indeed, clay has been used as a cooking container since humanity started cooking over fire. It’s probably even safer than pots lined with Teflon I think! The only thing to look out for are pots treated with paint as the paint might contain chemicals. And to make sure the moisture of the cake and the cream wouldn’t get away in the micro-porous clay pot , we’ve coated the inside of the pots with a layer of dark chocolate. And naturally, beautiful flowers attract bugs, but guess what? The bugs aren’t just any bugs…


Raspberry & Hibiscus Ladybugs!


70% dark chocolate ganache macaron Bunny Tail


the sheep are hiding a delicious sour cherry and pistachio profiterole


Yuzu egg pops

Happy Easter! 

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  • Angie_L

    Hey Chef,

    Your Easter creations amaze me, sooooo innovative! Did you shoot all these beautiful photos as well?

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog because a friend of mine sent me a New Year gift, two of your books, “La Boulangerie” & “Never Skip Dessert” from Hongkong, which inspired me to Google ……
    I’m a crazy home baker and I make cookies and bread for my family every Sunday. I’ve tried several recipes from your books, and so far they are all keepers ……clear, simple and easy to follow.

    I’ll be visiting HK in May, your new book “Layers” will definitely on my Things-To-Buy List in HK. I have a BIG sweet tooth, hope I’ll have time to stop in “The Lounge” for afternoon tea with my family during my trip there.

    Greetings from Canada


    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Hello Angie! :)

      That’s awesome! And thank you so much for your kind words – if you plan to visit for afternoon tea, do let me know in advance and I’ll be more than happy to drop by and say hello! :)

      • Angie_L

        Thank you, Chef!
        Will let you know after my arrival on May 6.


  • http://www.thefreshloaf.com/blog/engoogoo Yippee@theFreshLoaf

    Your Easter production is so inspiring! Absolutely a feast for the eyes! Everything is so cute and colorful!


    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Thank you Yipee! I think the kids will raid our dessert table with such pastries on display! :)

  • Colette

    Everything looks amazing!!so original! Being as you are used to making beautiful plated desserts, it’s fantastic to see how you come up with such fun & original designs! The flower pots are unbelievable! And those sheep…I love them! So cutee!! I’d love to have a herd at home!;)

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Merci Colette! :) Indeed, it all started from the flower pots cupcakes and then we’ve worked ideas around the garden and the country side! The ladybug are super cute and delicious!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leighannthegwa Leigh Ann Garriga Hunter

    Adorable Greg!

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks Love! :) xx

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