HUGE Easter Egg!

March 29th, 2013 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

The popular adage “Size does not matter” was proved wrong… at least for today!


That Easter Egg weighs more than 80 kg (about 180 lbs) and measures 1.2 meters tall (nearly 4 ft) – making it was more of a construction engineering project rather than pastry. Indeed, each halves scales at 30 kg and with gravity from their own weight, they are attracted outward, which means they needed to be very thick to hold the pressure and well settled on the base; also both halves must be very well stuck together.


Molding tempered chocolate into the giant mold. It will take a good dozen of layers to make it thick enough – about 1.5 cm thick!


Once the chocolate has crystallized, we remove the mold. We prepared two halves.


Just after having stick it together, it’s a giant egg compared to a regular size apple!


Clement came to visit and saw the egg – a bit too big to bite into!
This is just after having sprayed the egg with chocolate.


And here, we started sticking sugar flowers one by one…


The flowers almost done… the last part was to stick the golden dragee.

Happy Easter!


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