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March 3rd, 2013 | Posted by greg in Books | Daily life...

Finally! Got Cheese? is the first of my books to be released in e-format!! Woohooo! 

I know, it’s a bit odd, because Got cheese? is actually still available in hard copy, and so many of you asked me for Artisan bread and Never Skip Dessert, but anyway it’s a start! So if you head over and you will be able to download the books! But if don’t read Chinese you will have a tough time ordering! I tried to translate with Google and it seems readable. I will keep updates posted as soon as I get them! :) 


Additionally, hard copies of Never Skip Dessert are available in Taiwan!

 Thank you for your fabulous overwhelming support! :)

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  • Melisse Maréchal says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog today as I was googling for Italian pistachio paste :-) What a pleasant surprise — I’ve enjoyed the entries I’ve read so far and glad to discover your published books (I am a cookbook addict!). Bookmarked!

    I would like to know — Are all the books going to be available in ebook format, and is there a chance I might get them on kindle? I downloaded both the chinese bookstore reading apps above, but they’re not the easiest to navigate for a non-chinese reader…

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