Easter Cupcakes on TVB!

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A week ago, it was my son Clement who was on TVB, eating cupcakes glutinously. On Saturday night, 23rd of March, it’s my turn, but nothing for me to indulge with as I was busy making Easter cupcakes on the show!


Clement tasting blueberry cupcake :)


The tricky part wasn’t really to make the cupcake, but to come up with an idea 2 days before the filming! Indeed, I was told that my previous idea was similar to another person’s idea that would be featured in the same show. I guess great mind think alike and it was definitely a challenge to come up with a new concept 2 days prior the filming!


Frankly speaking, me and cupcakes aren’t really from the same world and doing yet another cake, baked in a odd paper cup with fancy garnish on top wasn’t really enlightening me at first. The first idea of cupcake I had  is what we actually will serve at our Lounge restaurant for Easter afternoon tea and I think it’s awesome!


My first idea for the show…

I wanted to do something that used a different sort of cup, just like the clay pot, I had to find another sort of pot… And since the theme of the show was Easter, I thought about using boiled egg stand… but wait… cupcake wouldn’t fit in there! Or if I would bake directly in there and pipe butter cream on it, it wouldn’t be very attractive wouldn’t it? Never mind, I took delicious coconut cupcake, shredded them and blended them with coconut cream as a cake pop mix. Then, I added a little fruitiness to the dense goodness with different soft fruit centers, playing the role of the egg yolks.

Each of the designs have a different fruit center!


Strawberry bunny, Blueberry Piggies and mango chicks!

The show is broadcasted on Saturday March 23, at 8 pm on TVB Jade – prime time! And if you miss it, you can watch it by clicking here, and watch episode 3  or click here to watch it on my YouTube channel! 

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