Launch of TASTE by Four Seasons in New York

December 7th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Travel

Last month, my trip to New York was for the launch of the new TASTE by Four Seasons, and although hurricane Sandy tried to stop it, it is now up and running. You can visit it and request ingredients and vote for your favorite dishes!

At the original planned date of the event, apples were in full season and with that, we had plenty on our plate to work with, especially knowing all the heirloom apples that are grown in New York State and other states in the area. For the event we had to create two small desserts that could be finished at a station while chatting with the different media present on that day.

I had chosen to prepare a poached reine-des-reinettes apple cooked sous-vide in a nice caramel blended with gelatin to add a fun texture inside the apple and rolled it in roasted hazelnuts. That was served with a few dollops of hay cream, fresh sorrel oil and a burnt sandalwood meringue (made on apple puree, egg white and inverted sugar only) – and baby sorrel leaves finished the dish.

The whole dessert was my interpretation of an apple orchard in a dish. Fruity, nutty, woody, leafy and earthy.

The other dessert I prepared was based on bubble tea concept, but no tea here…

The base was sago cooked in a burnt caramel cider, topped with a kaffir-lime apple puree, a brunoise of diced apple pressed raw sous-vide to add a little crunch and finally a yuzu espuma with freshly grated yuzu on the top. Fresh and delicious, the burnt caramel cider had a woody/smokey undertone which was really interesting in contrast with the freshness of the yuzu!

I was very sad that the event had to be postponed due to hurricane Sandy, but it was a very wise choice considering the damages.

Visit TASTE by Four Seasons and vote for your favorite dish! ;)

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