A taste of The Waterside Inn with Michel Roux

November 16th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

I wouldn’t know where to start with the unbelievable lifelong passion Chef Michel Roux has under his belt.

The list is so long that you may want to read his wikipedia profile, and please be seated and ready to be blown away – Michel Roux is nothing short of a living legend. As a pastry chef, I am in awe in front of a Chef who was awarded his MOF title in patisserie in 1976; it’s like I met with Superman, but in real. In a book dedicated to my friend, he wrote “from one pastry chef to another“; an humble quote that reflects totally the personality of Chef Roux.

During his week long promotion at Caprice, we had the pleasure to cook and sample Chef Roux signature menu…


Parmesan cheese and potato flan with leeks and almond crisp – very light and subtle.

The foie gras terrine was exceptional!

Superb avocado soup with a refreshing tartar…

The first fish dish with baby octopus

The fish rolled in crepes to keep the steam inside and the meat moist, baked in a puff pastry shell and stuffed with a duxelles.

A cuisine from the heart indeed – the beef cheeks were fondant a souhait! :)

To sum up the experience, I was very happy to come across a legendary chef that respect food for what is food. No fuss, down to earth, simple ingredients yet of an expectational quality. Michel Roux and his team blended perfectly with Vincent Thierry (Caprice Chef) and his team to deliver a stunning food.

While the promotion was only a week long, the friendships we have created with Chef Roux will remain forever, and that is something truly invaluable.

Michel Roux – Vincent Thierry – Chan Yan Tak

 A little bonus photo for the sake of having 9 Michelin stars on the same photo! :)

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