Autumn Fruit Salad & Farm Cider Ice Cream

October 21st, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

With Autumn pouring its orchard fruits on us, inspiration is knocking on the door every day!

Orchard’s fruits, balsamic cider dressing, sorrel oil, malt crumble, cider ice cream, lemon zest

Joshua and Caleb from Twins Kitchen visited us for an informal chat and a little work around rye sourdough and the above dessert. I loved the way the Twins approached the filming and the way we chatted along the way. The film was about my general views on food and also on what kind of comfort foods I enjoyed. The first item we worked on was a beautiful loaf of rye sourdough. We’ve kneaded, shaped and baked a dozen of loaves together. While the baking was going on, we worked on a dessert that represents totally my kind of comfort food…

We chatted extensively on sustainability and local culture and I hope the movie will reflect that. The previous movies made by Joshua and Caleb featured Pierre Gagnaire and Jeremy Biasiol – what an honor to be next! 

Caleb and Joshua from Twins Kitchen during the filming

I cooked quince with vanilla, conference pear with coriander seeds and apple with star anise. In order to reap most of the flavors and texture, I cooked the fruits in vacuum bags, each fruit with its own spice in order to have distinctive flavors on the dish. Before serving, we just sauteed the fruits in some butter, except for the delicate figs, and served it with cider ice cream on malt crumble. The whole dish was drizzled with a balsamic cider caramel dressing, fresh sorrel oil and Meyer lemon zest.

Quince, reine-des-reinettes, figs, conference pear, yuzu, vanilla…

The talented Twins had the great idea to bring in wine to pair with the dessert and the bread. We had a very nice Italian white wine and a Moscato d’Asti to pair with the dessert. Great people, great food and great wine made our day pass in the blink of an eye and I look much forward to watch the movie! 

Apple in cider caramel – vacuum packed

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  • Janet says:

    Balsamic cider caramel dressing sounds delicious. What are the ingredients in the dressing? And is sorrel oil a seed oil?

    • For the balsamic dressing, I make a caramel from white sugar, deglaze it with apple cider and add dark balsamic vinegar, then I reduce it until it reaches a nice texture. For the sorrel oil, I use fresh sorrel that I blend in vegetable oil. You need a lot of fresh sorrel to have it come through – I also add spinach or flat parsley to add a greener color. Really good stuff! :)

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