2012 International Chef’s Day

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October 23, a public holiday in Hong Kong where most people gather with family and friends for a day filled with happiness!

Reality has it different for the residents of Fu Hong Society and Hong Chi Association whom both take great care of people and especially children with mental and physical disabilities. They don’t necessarily have a family that look after them and love is something they could get more of! For the occasion of the International Chef’s Day, and as many years now, the Hong Kong Chef’s Association cooked up a meal for more than 600 underprivileged people at the Disneyland Hotel in Hong Kong.

The day isn’t about making everyone discover culinary delights, but more to create a day filled with smiles and togetherness.

Every time I join these kind of events, the moment I look the most forward is to interact with people and share smiles and laugh with everyone – everything is spontaneous and true from the heart. The unconditional love given by the parents and the staff from both associations is just out of this world! These people are truly inspiring… they are not looking for anything, but the happiness of their he relatives… simply.

When I witness the every day struggle of some people trying so hard pretending to be someone else rather than themselves, I just think they should join us…

On that day,we had all kind of people joining hands to help, chefs, their wives, daughters, friends, sister and so on… there is no who-is-who on that day, we all stand on the same line. It didn’t cost us anything to do that little extra – but truly, that shouldn’t be an extra, it should be every day.

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