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September 16th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Classes & Demo | Daily life...

Hang on! The future chefs of Hong Kong are on their way! 

Awesome feeling!

Together with star chefs such as Ricky Cheung (張錦祥), Tony Cheng (鄭相賢) from the newly opened Le Salon and Michelin starred The Drawing Room, or Martin Yan’s very own protege Christian Yang (楊尚友) the man behind BangBangPanPan, we are definitely on a serious mission here: finding HK’s finest future chefs and to bring them to the next level. 

The show isn’t about playing it tough with the young chefs, but rather to coach them and guide them into the right track and the right mind to achieve their culinary dream. I like the philosophy behind the show very much as it does not intent to shred their hope, but rather to bring it a step further. Even if there is a winner, to me, all the kids who dedicate themselves to that training are all winners. Really, if you knew what it takes for them backstage, it’s A LOT of personal commitment for kids of that age. I just try to picture myself in their shoes at their age and I was rather outside playing and the kitchen was just for eating!

In one of the show I brought in organic figs from Fanling to use on fresh fruit tarts and trust me, at first people were a bit skeptical when I told them where it came from and after trying it, kids and grown-ups alike were so surprised how good it was – this is first hand education! 

You can catch all the action on nowTV channel 100 (free) or payTV channel 101 – the shows are shown several time per day and you can click here to see the schedule. Alternatively, you can visit my TV shows page here. 

Looking forward to the next session with the future Chefs of Hong Kong! 

We did pretty fruit tarts! (can you spot the Fanling Figs?)

Explaining the secret ingredient of a good dough! ;)

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  • Marina says:

    That is amazing what you do to educate young generation about food and everything. It is important that they know how the real ingredients look, and that dinner doesn’t have to come from the box of powder or re-heated in the microwave.
    I would love to learn myself what is that secret ingredient of a good dough… :) Always eager to learn more, I made some biscotti. Before I was baking only savory pastry and bread… http://www.picnicatmarina.com

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