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MAROU! A brand new and fresh look to quality chocolate is the least to say!

With all the big brands monopolizing the market of upscale chocolate, Marou brings us a fresh and nice look to the food of Gods. Everything about Marou is from Vietnam and as surprising as it sounds, the team at Marou has done a very good job. The way I discovered Marou is by browsing Wallpaper* magazine and rightfully so, the packaging and the visual identity of the Marou brand is nothing short of stunning!

Single origin Vietnam is not something you hear everyday. Perhaps, there is a bit of apprehension on what we will find underneath the several layers of carefully crafted wrappings… down to the sticker dot and the embossed logo on the tablet, everything visual breathes its origin.

Additionally to retail size tablet, Marou also has commercial size packaging, which would be nice to have if we were using it in our pastry kitchen!

The sample I received ranged from 70% to 80% cocoa content. All were dark chocolate made from Trinitario beans. Each kind has its very own origin from different location in Vietnam. The look of the chocolate has a pleasant “artisan” look. You can see the little imperfection on each tablet and it gave me a good feeling. The breaking noise of the chocolate is sharp and crisp – right away we know that we are dealing with high quality chocolate here.

The texture in mouth is cocoa rich, definitely not your every day commercial chocolate. Across the board, it has a dry side which I fairly enjoy. The fluidity of the chocolate was medium and I thought it fitted well the cocoa content from a consumer point of view; it would need to be tested in a recipe to see how it would come through. The taste of the cocoa is good and has a very distinctive edge, I personally really like it. If I had to say one constructive comment on Marou chocolate it would be that if I look at the whole range from 70% to 80%, the differences in single origin flavor is very subtle and perhaps a more pronounced difference would be nice.

But don’t get me wrong here, I think MAROU chocolate is an incredible product, made in Vietnam, and there is definitely a new product in the chocolate world for all the amateurs of Grand Chocolat!

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