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Every artisan has its element to work. Writers have paper and pen, musicians have instruments, sculptors have noble wood or stone… and we, bakers have flour – a noble element that requires the same amount of artistry as a sculptor or a painter. For us, quality flours created by the passionate millers are our playground, our element of surprise… every new flour is a new story to be written, a new adventure in the world of wild yeast, crust and crumb…

A few weeks ago, we’ve tested a few flours from the Moulin de Brasseuil and frankly speaking, the results have been really good. In particular, we have tested different rye flours, stone ground flours and organic flour to see how each would react and bake with our sourdough method and recipe. One of our loaves happened to be a 100% T170 rye loaf based on our sourdough. Our sourdough is actually based on wheat T65, thus, for purist, the bottom line isn’t 100% rye, but massively rye I’d say!

The results were great and the bread was even better the next day actually…

The rye flavor was superb. Strong and earthy, yet delicate and round – nothing like the over “acidic” and metallic tone some rye flour have. The quality of the flour is definitely ranking high and I look much forward to find out about the results of other flours. We had some loaves covered with rolled rye grains from the same miller; great look!

On the same day, I coincidentally received a great gift from my friend and talented jam and marmalade wizard Wilson. A superb jar of calamansi marmalade! Whenever I am asked about pairing rye bread with food, I tend to orient my choices towards smoked fishes and seafood, rustic dishes with hearty sauces, cheese and charcuterie of course, but also and foremost citrus marmalade – Wilson’s calamansi marmalade on our rye sourdough was a true match made in heaven!

Find out more about the Moulin de Brasseuil website (French)
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