Beautiful hand crafted flowers wedding cake!

July 7th, 2012 | Posted by Gregoire Michaud in Daily life...

Spectacular hand crafted flowers on a wedding cake, made by our talented team!

The cake itself was a nicely tart lemon chiffon cake covered with a thin layer of icing…

The flowers have been hand modeled one by one by Coe and Siu Hung and took an AWFUL lot of time to make! But the result is truly spectacular. Patience and dedication is what you need to pull out that stunt!


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  • maria tomato

    Spectacular indeed! I’ve seen a video on how they make those pretty flowers at Carlo’s bakery, such an meticulous and detailed work! Brilliant!

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks Maria! Indeed, hands and temper need high control to produce those! ;)

  • Aditi Chauhan

    Always rocking with food crafts is nice creativity :)

  • Maureen

    Beautiful cake!

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Merci for the compliment Maureen! :)

  • Daisy

    HELLO Greg :) I’ve missed reading your blog posts! So sorry work and keeping the blog up and running has just consumed all my time! OMG these flowers are too delicate and pretty to eat!

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Hi hi Daisy! I have been away on vacation and so was my blogging! I took a nice summer break and now back for more action! ;)

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