It’s Sundae! Let’s eat!!

June 22nd, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

I will avoid the ” The summer is here and it’s hot” line and go straight to the point: It’s Sundae time!

To keep your body and spirit cool this summer, we’ve created a series of Sundae with a little twist…

Fresh mint ice cream, strawberry and hibiscus + Churros.

Frozen blueberry yogurt, fresh blueberries, dark malt crumble, blackcurrant guimauve and freshly baked Madeleine.

Vanilla ice cream, mango compote, pineapple, caramelized hazelnut, lemon and lime candied zest + Bugnes crisps.

Can you resist? …because I can’t…. sorry!

If you ask me what’s the philosophy behind those Sundaes, it’s very simple: When I look at them, I want to go: “Let’s eat them NOW before someone else does!”

Milk chocolate ice cream, opera cake, crunchy pearls and cocoa nibs crisps + enough warm chocolate sauce to flood the glass!

Nothing to do with ice cream, but on that day, we just had a break from the rain…

And remember: One Sundae a day keeps the doctor away! ;)


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