It’s official: my NEW book is coming soon!

June 27th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Books | Daily life...

The past few months have been insanely busy with TV shows (…and hang on for more!), articles, new menus, but most of all, for my upcoming new book!

This time, we’re going deep inside the layers…

I have received hundreds of messages (I swear!) about what book I should write from people around the world (the beauty of internet I say!); it went from cookies and desserts to cakes passing by afternoon tea and even a savoury recipe book! (which I definitely consider by the way…)

Great croissants recipes!

In the end, I chose a topic close to my heart and it’s actually a topic that I feel is still making people afraid and reluctant to try at home because it is seen as a “difficult” task: Layered dough.

Stunning viennoiserie…

The new book who’s name is still yet to be decided, is set to give you the tips and trick to successfully make your puff pastry, croissant and danish pastries at home. A few traditional recipes and some beautiful new take on layered dough, notably with flavored artisan butters… Right now, I am so excited and I feel like telling you everything about the book, but it wouldn’t be fair, wouldn’t it? The book comes with much more than croissant or innovative viennoiserie, but also with desserts, regional specialties, stunning savoury dishes and puff pastry classics which includes my very own apple chausson!

…and my take on savory classics like the Egg Benedict!

Stay tuned for the official release date which should be around October!

Desserts with croissant dough? YES!


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