Early summer dessert: Peach & Apricot

May 11th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Recipes

Summer is in the air and with it, the first fresh stone fruits are making their way to our pastry!

Simplicity must be part of everything I create. Not out of any laziness to accomplish the most complex blend of flavor or the most beautiful display of art ever created, but simply because I put all of my trust in the quality of ingredients. Each and every quality ingredient has a story behind, and if you dig deep enough you will most likely meet a very passionate artisan at the birth place of that ingredient, let it be salt, peach, flour or ginger.

Perhaps my family background etched my personality with a very strong respect of farming. Having worked my way through potato fields, picking giant fields of raspberries (and eating half of the harvest), pulling asparagus out of the sandy soil or spending every other week-end at our vineyard probably made me aware that nurturing ingredients requires the same amount of passion as cooking or baking.

Today, I find it quite sad to see supermarkets where all the fruits and vegetables have zero default. Every asparagus, carrot or apple all look alike and I find that lack of authenticity disturbing. In real life, all these beautiful ingredients are naturally different. There is always one or two pieces in the lot who look funny, yet taste delicious. To sum up my views on the look, I think the industries have destroyed authenticity, not only in taste, but also in look.

For HOME Journal HK, I created a peach, ginger and apricot dessert. It’s again something easy to do at home and that visually looks attractive for your guests. It’s simple, yet, delicious!

The peaches are poached in a light vanilla syrup for about 15 minutes, only half cooked. Then, I baked them in a peach caramel, just like you would bake a tarte tatin. When it was still warm, I flipped it and it gave me a superb slice of warm caramelized peach. A nice and smooth vanilla apricot semi-pris on the base, a generous scoop of sheep yogurt ice cream; plus a slice of dried apricot and pistachio biscotti shaving – that’s it: The summer is pointing its nose! :)

...and as published in HOME Journal Hong Kong

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